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RE: [N8VEM-S100:711] S-100 IDE Board & TIL311

Paul, this discussion on Hex display has come up a number of times for a
number of boards. UTSource I have found to be reliable and really the only
option. Takes about 1-2 weeks.  These days there are only two available
single Hex display LED's the TIL311's and the HP 5082-7340's out there. The
latter are actually better but more expensive.  The TIL's are not essential
for the board to operate but sure are nice for debugging etc.  The only
other alternative would be a rework using some of the recent serial line
character displays, a serial port (SIO) etc. Would be a major rework on the
board and could potentially slow the ZFDC Z80 up if not Interrupt driven.
Seem to remember the UTsource were ~$6 each , may be wrong. Sometimes you
can luck out on eBay BTW

Good luck 

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Looking ahead to the S-100 IDE board
m) I see that Jameco still has the TIL311 in-stock.
1&productId=32951&catalogId=10001.  However at $20 each, with 6 on the board
that's a pretty penny investment.  Even a bulk-buy, if folks are so
inclined, doesn't improve the pricing much (might get down to $16 but not

You note that UTsource
(http://www.utsource.net/ic-datasheet/TIL311-421656.html) has carried them
in the past (apparently themselves, rather than from various suppliers?) at
~$4 -- I haven't checked current availability as yet.  Have you checked for
a recent quote?  Are they reliable?

Any new(er) thoughts regarding an alternative solution that might be more
affordable, or are there any other well-known suppliers that are
significantly less expen$ive than Jameco?

(Is there an Octal equivalent to the TIL311 -- aside from cutting off a pin
:->?  Just curious ...)

Also, please make sure to sign me up on your reserve list for the S-100 IDE
board :->.



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Hi Benno!  Thanks!  My plan is to get the S-100 IDE and S-100 ZFDC board
PCBs next and then the S-100 backplane PCBs.  Hopefully this will happen
this winter or maybe early spring of this year.

Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch