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RE: [N8VEM-S100:5590] V9938 VDP

I have 4 extra chips and could part with two if somebody absolutely gets stuck.  
Preference will be given to anybody that "promises" to upgrade the software provided for the board.

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Looking at the V9938 VDP board, now that the assembly write-up is on John's site.

Curious if anyone has a good source for the V9938, or if the V9958 will substitute directly?
The AY-3-8910A seems much easier (and cheaper) to source - Unicorn Electronics has it for $7.99

I'm hesitant to use any of the Chinese vendors on Ebay given my near perfect record of getting counterfeit parts :)

Any experience with either sellers "Polida" or "janeh2100"?

utsource doesn't list any for sale, but I could do a price inquiry. 
Would folks be interested in a bulk purchase thru them?

- Gary

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