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Re: S100 Backplane

On Tuesday, October 15, 2013 11:31:57 PM UTC-5, Ants Pants wrote:
> the price is quite high

LOL I wouldn't worry about the price of the PCB, the best price I can find on S-100 edge connectors at this time is the digikey S3288-ND and they are $10 each and only have 6 in stock. Newark claims to be willing to order as many as I would like for a mere $15 each. So you're looking at two hundred to three hundred dollars worth of edge connectors, so for that project the PCB is not quite a rounding error but its rapidly getting there. Which is really too bad because I'd love to build my own backplane and chassis, although I have some used ebay parts for now.

What would be interesting is instead of a $80 PCB and source your own $300 worth of connectors, if you had some connections and bulk purchase deals maybe you could ship PCB+18 connectors for $200 to $300 for the set. $250 is still a lot of dough but you'd surely get more sales than at $400+ purchased separately. A mere 5 boards shipped is already around the qty 100 price break, so its realistically possible...