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Re: FW: PCB to CZE

Hi Andrey,

These boards are not made or supplied by a commercial outfit. They are made and utilized by a group of hobbyists. When a new board is developed a posting is made on a few relevant web forums such as this group, and on www.S100Computers.com.   A group purchase to have a bunch of boards is done.  Typically one person volunteers to handle the order (I often do first orders).  Typically 20-30 boards go into a new board batch order resulting in boards costing about ~$15 a board.    Unfortunately (for you) this has been going on for  a few years now so most people have their basic S100 boards and are moving “up” to more sophisticated ones. 


So for you to get a board you would have to start or wait to do another batch of these boards yourself and/or get others to join in.   We have a company called PCBcart.com make the boards for us. The Gruber files are available here (http://n8vem-sbc.pbworks.com/w/browse/#view=ViewFolder&param=S-100%20Boards ).   I or others can help you setup an order, but remember there is a setup/processing/shipping fee (~$150) for any initial board. 


From time to time I or others come out with second (or third) improved versions on these boards (so far we have done about 36 different boards).  This is often when newer users join in.  In fact if you even think you will need a board,  that is the time to get one.  Unfortunately there has not been a real need for an update on that IDE board at the moment (although if a run is made one minor tweak could be incorporated).


Hope the above helps you and others that may be interested in these boards




On Tuesday, November 4, 2014 3:59:17 PM UTC-8, lynchaj wrote:

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Hi, Andrew!

Can I buy the following PCB's ?

1. S-100 PC Keyboard Adaptor  Board - 1 pcs
2. S-100 SMB Display Boards  - 1 pcs
3. S-100 S-100 Bus EPROM/RAM Board - 1 pcs
4. S-100 8086 Master CPU  Board - 1 pcs
5. S-100 Lava-10 Video  Board - 1 pcs
6. S-100 80286 Master/Slave CPU Board - 1 pcs
7. S-100 80386 Master/Slave CPU Board - 1 pcs
8. S-100 8 MB Daughter Static RAM Board for 80386 CPU board - 1 pcs
9. S-100 32 MB Daughter Static RAM Board for 80386 CPU board - 1 pcs

 ... with delivery by ordinary mail to the Czech Republic?

To: Kastanova 1082
Hluboka nad Vltavou,
373 41, Czech Republic
Andrey Vasilyev

Payment by PayPal is possible.

Thank you in advance for your reply !

Andrey Vasilyev