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RE: [N8VEM-S100:2056] S100 RAM&ROM Board Parts Source (Coin Cell Holder)

I managed to find one locally with 23mm. However I have two other boards where I simply bend the pins a little on the Jameco part. The pins themselves are fairly long. You can bend then 90 degrees, then 90 degrees again to get the 23mm spacing.




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Hi John / Andrew


Please can you advise on the part number and source for the coin cell battery holder as I have searched several UK suppliers (Digikey/Farnell/Rapid)  for CR2032 coin cell holders but datasheets all show the pin spacing at 20.0mm whereas the holes on the RAM&ROM board are 23.0mm apart.

There is one that looks similar on the Jameco website (in the US)  but there is no datasheet to confirm specs




David Fry

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