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Re: [N8VEM-S100:798] S-100 Backplane Connectors

I went ahead and pulled the board that I'm planning on using for my initial backplane and confirmed the spacing of pins on the board, etc. Everything looks to be the correct spacing for the connectors that I was planning to purchase (0.125" between pins in the same row, 0.250" between rows). I have found references to other boards that seem to allow a 0.100" pin spacing, which seems like it would throw off the card edge connections as well, but I'm not familiar enough with the S-100 boards to know at this point. I do know that the connectors I'm buying will work with both the backplane that I have and with the new, bare S-100 boards, so I'm comfortable at this point. I have 4 S-100 boards that I've ordered in the past month that will be arriving sporadically and I'll try to report if I see any differences between them. I know that some boards do not work properly together prior to the IEEE-696 standard, but I had always assumed that was due to signal routing, etc. I'm glad I went ahead and asked, though, as I was planning to order a much cheaper connector for my initial board that would not have worked at all.

Thanks very much for everyone's feedback and I'll post any unusual items that I find.