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RE: [N8VEM-S100:1932] S-100 80386 board and RAM board availability

Just got what I think is now V4 of the Prototype 80386 board Antony.  I don’t anticipate any problems with the CPU board itself – but wanted a ‘cleaned up prototype’ before going public.


Likewise the corresponding 8M Static RAM is done.  What I have but have not gotten around to yet is a 32M Static RAM board. Hope to get to that one in two weeks or so.

Currently I’m stuck in the mud here trying to get the ISA->S100 bus converter board working along with a corresponding S100 VGA board.  It’s been a real struggle.


As to the 80386/8M Static RAM should be able to announce them fairly soon.  Beautiful board BTW, even though I say so myself. Rock solid!  I should say however this is a very complex board and not the first board others (unlike you), should try.  If this board (or the 80286 board) cause problems I will volunteer to help users out by testing/debugging them in my system.  This assumes proper soldering  & components etc.


It’s up to Andrew to pace these things however there are a number of other boards in the works too.


I’m thinking of a redo of our Z80 CPU board (where the 28C64 EPROM could be paged)

A V2 of the MSDOS support board where we add a DMA controller (instead of the shadow wait state circuit) to have true PC/MSDOS compatibility (eg DRAM refresh).

An improved SMB with more functions.

Out ZFDC controller with a single #A TO-3 V Regulator and some other minor tweaks.


All these would use essentially the same chips/components only the boards and sockets would be new.


Would like to get feedback on the above











John Monahan Ph.D

e-mail: mon...@vitasoft.org

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Hi everyone,


Andrew & John, just wandering if we have stock or are going todo a run of the new S100 80386 board and RAM board?





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