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Re: [N8VEM-S100:6285] An updated (V3) version of our Dual IDE/CF card S100 bus board

Hi John,

>> Roger what you have below has all the hallmarks of the MYIDE sector reading/writing being different to that of
>> your CPM BIOS.  I had that, way back.  Do you have a floppy in your system. If so boot CPM from that and era
>> A:*.*   Then PIP things across. A text file first. See that you can first read it from your floppy based CPM.  Then
>> see if you can do so with MYIDE.

Of course, I'd be the first to admit that the code could be buggy, BUT .... the bad behavior extends to MYIDE as well.  The MYIDE code I'm using is what I downloaded from the Web site, except I had to change the port addresses, and I made the mods. to the wait-for routines that Rich (I think it was him?) suggested.  I've described what happens before, but basically the content of the sectors is offset by one, i.e. I see the content of sector 2 when I try to read LBA 0 (sector 1).  I think that I also had trouble with "writing" a sector, only to find that the sector contents didn't change.
>> Yes I will add “A” & “B” on the Silkscreen. Good suggestion.