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my recommendation about Zeta


I would like to take this chance to tell my experience with 
the Zeta.. Of all the N8VEM stuff I have built the Zeta was
what I consider the easiest of them all to get going.

For whatever technical reasons (design stuff), people just 
seem to have good results with it.

I have become really fond of my Zeta already. It just works.
(Sorry Apple).

I have been using mine daily for several months. It just 
goes and goes and goes (sorry eveready).

What isn't reliable is that darn USB to serial adapter and
that darn Windows machine.

Whenever something goes wrong on my bench, it is always
something else. The Zeta is the champ.

I highly recommend the Zeta as a good project for beginning 
N8VEM community members, (and their kids).

Thanks Sergey for a great board :-)