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Pending order with Mouser Electronics from Don Caprio

Dear N8VEM S-100 Group,

Don Caprio has requested that the following project from Mouser Electronics be sent to you so that you can view, order, or save your own copy of this project.

Notes from Don Caprio: If you interested in ordering a parts kit from mouser here is the link to the BOM. Not all products are available from Mouser.

To access your project, click on the url listed below or copy and paste it into your web browser:


Or you can access the project by going to http://www.mouser.com/tools/projectcartsharing.aspx and entering the following access number listed below into the Access ID field.


You can reply to this e-mail and it will go directly to Don Caprio, cap...@uxpro.com.

If you would like to add parts to this project, login to your My Mouser account and then save a copy of the project.

Then use any of these search methods Product Search, Catalog Browser, or Manufacturer Line Card to add parts to your project.

Once you locate the product you want, click on the part number. This will take you to the Product Detail Page where you will see a block called "My Mouser Project Manager".

Enter the quantity you want to add to your project and select a project name from the drop down menu or select <NEW PROJECT> to create a new project. Then click the "Add to Project" button.

Thank you for your business!

Mouser Electronics, Inc.