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RE: [N8VEM-S100:1494] IDE board BIOS question

Bob, I have been traveling all week and have gotten back to a ton of backed
dup stuff here. 
Before I dig into this, two things.

What CF card you using. I and others have found that some behave strangely
with the MYIDE software.  I have no ideas why, perhaps others have
suggestions.   If you are not using one,  could you try working with the
Kingston, Maxell or Patriot  4GB  CF cards. They are very common.  For
example had reliability problems with the SCANDISK cards.

Second the reset initialization pulse width to these cards is very critical.
Are you using a Z80 (10Mhz) CPU, if not adjust the software delay.

The software should work for both the dual and single IDE boards.  
I'm assuming you are using the "MYIDE.COM" program BTW, without
modifications. Right?


John Monahan Ph.D
e-mail: mon...@vitasoft.org
Text:    mon...@txt.att.net

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I have a functioning CP/M 2.2 BIOS, but my CF card does not appear to be in
LBA mode.  My BIOS uses this sequence to put it into LBA mode:
        LD      D,11100000B            ;Data for IDE SDH reg (512bytes, LBA
mode,single drive)
        LD      E,REGshd               ;00001110,(0EH) CS0,A2,A1,  
        CALL    IDEwr8D                ;Write byte to select the MASTER
Word 49 of the drive ID has bit 9 set which indicates LBA mode is supported.
The drive reports there are 32 sectors per track and 16 heads.  When in LBA
mode, if I attempt to read track 0, sector 33, an error is returned.  Going
to track 1 and second 1 works, but again, only sectors up to 32 are valid on
a given track.

My code has the wrlba function from MYIDE, but it appears to treat
tracks/sectors as just tracks and sectors without an attempt to merge the
two together into a single large LBA sector number.

My board is one of the early ones with a single IDE port.  Is there
something slightly different about it so that the initialization sequence
above won't work properly?  Am I missing some basic understanding of how the
code is supposed to work?

Any advice is appreciated.


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