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Re: [N8VEM-S100:207] S-100 CPU boards


I am interested in participating in the prototyping effort on the 8086 board.

Please lets get under way with that. You can send a board any time. :-)

I would like to be involved with an eye towards common code between the
Z80 products and the advanced processors. My goals for the Unified BIOS
is to support multiple architectures.

Also please send me another SBCV2 board as  need to resolve reliability
issues and I need an A/B situation to help with this.


On May 15, 2011, at 8:32 AM, Andrew Lynch wrote:

Hi!  I’ve gotten a few questions about the upcoming S-100 68K CPU, S-100 8086 CPU, and S-100 6502 CPU boards.


If you would like to be on the waiting list you are certainly welcome.  At the moment we are working on prototyping these boards.


If you are an experienced builder and would like to participate in the build and test process for these boards please contact me.


Initial build and test of an S-100 CPU board is a difficult and complicated project so this is definitely not for everyone.


Most likely the next S-100 CPU board will be for the 8086.  John and I are working on this presently and this prototype board is in its third and probably final iteration.  I predict this board will be available fairly soon pending successful build and test of the prototype.  It is on its way and is looking pretty solid and I anticipate manufactured PCBs in weeks.  Please contact John and me if you would like to participate.


The next S-100 CPU board will probably be based on the 68K.  This board is pending its second prototype board after Pontus’s successful initial build and test.  There were a number of improvements and corrections in the second board and is looking pretty firm.  My plan is assuming it makes it through the second build and test successfully I will make manufactured PCBs available.  There is a wiki page available if you would like additional information.


Finally Rich, John, and I are working on an S-100 6502 CPU board.  This is a conversion of Rich’s hand built prototype board to a prototype PCB.  I anticipate its first prototype will be available soon for initial build and test.  Since the board is a conversion of a working prototype to a PCB it may be this board will also be available soon pending its initial build and test.  However the first try on any S-100 board can be “sporty” so there will be more details as it progresses.  It is possible if this prototype board is “clean” and requires minimal rework it may also be available soon as well and possibly before the S-100 68K CPU board is ready.


The prototype S-100 board PCBs themselves won’t cost you anything if you want to participate.  However, they are intended for experienced builders with the time, resources, and skills necessary to take a board from a “good idea” to a working board.  This can be a difficult and frustrating process involving test equipment, multiple cuts and jumpers, parts substitutions, fixing errors, etc. 


Frequently the prototype boards need redesign which is why they usually have “patch areas” and require multiple iterations.  John is a master of making these S-100 boards work correctly.   I am sure other S-100 builders are too so this is an opportunity for some real challenges.  If you want to help defer the cost of the prototype boards you are certainly welcome although it is entirely optional.


As always I very much appreciate the generous support and encouragement of the S-100 community!  I hope my attempt at explaining the situation with the S-100 CPU boards helps.  If not please ask.  Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch