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Re: [N8VEM-S100:3381] My first Z-80 board comes to life!

* Fabio Battaglia <hkzl...@gmail.com> [140429 17:43]:
> Hi everyone!
> Today I wanted to take a break from coding and decided to take the 
> soldering iron in hand to relax a bit. The objective: get my N8VEM Z80 cpu 
> card up and running.
> I had already soldered most of the passive components a week ago: all that 
> was left to do (or so I thought) was to solder a few headers, plug the 
> components and start with a simple print loop monitor to test the card.
> Everything went well until the end, when I noticed one of the 74LS165 had a 
> disconnected pin: turned out the machined socket was bad and one pin was 
> not making contact. I had to desolder the socket, and sadly I damaged not 
> one, but two vias in the process (first ones since years... I guess hurry 
> of completing the board fired back)! The damage wasn't serious enough to 
> interrupt the traces, but to play safe I rewired the connections on the 
> back.
> Anyway, now the board correctly starts the monitor, can switch back and 
> forth between low and high pages and can read/write the full 1Mb from the 
> EPROM/RAM card i have installed.
> I'll leave work on the board on hold until I get the 6502 V2, because right 
> now I'm having fun with IDE code for that processor and my 6502 v1 cannot 
> live on the bus with another processor card (btw, now I can read and write 
> any sector on my CF cards! I'll publish the code this weekend).
> Attaching a few pictures of the card working and of the repair on the back.
> Bye!
> Fabio

Very nice Fabio!

Do you use that big chunk of stone in back for reworking particularly
troublesome boards?  :-)