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V2 S100 Boards for manufacturing

Hi Guy’s,  what I have so far for who in ordering/distributing S100 boards is:-


MSDOS Support board Neil Breeden (55 boards but we will do a small run first).

16 MB Static RAM + Mezzanine boards Todd Goodman  (39 + 81 boards due)

V2-SMB + Mezzanine board   Todd (about 25 boards)


Another run of the Dual IDE board Ed Snider (44, boards ordered, 60 being made)

Another run of the ZFDC board Gary Kaufman (due to go out in about two weeks, not sure the number so far)

Another run of the V2-Z80 board also Gary Kaufman (due to go out soon, about 30 boards so far)

Another run at the 6502 master/slave board.  Todd are you doing that one as well?


I don’t see anybody down for ordering the V2-80286 board.  IF nobody is doing so I will collect names etc.


Is that the current state of things, am I leaving anybody or a board out?