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Re: EPROM/RAM board

The problem Rich is I'm in Paris currently and am working from memory. Will not be back in CA until Dec 1st but it sounds like you are correct. I will review the files when I get back.

On Friday, November 21, 2014 7:56:53 PM UTC-8, AltairManRich wrote:
All — 

I was going to build the EPROM/RAM board this weekend but I noticed that there are several versions of the board. Mine says “4213” by the UL designation in the upper-left corner and has “Version 01” in the lower-right corner. It also has a coin cell battery holder on it.

This version doesn’t match any of the pictures on the Web site so before I built it, I wanted to confirm it was a good version. If not, I guess I should get another one from Ed Snider (I think).



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