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RE: [N8VEM-S100:466] Re: S-100 8086 CPU board done, ready for manufacturing

Guys I see there are some waiting for the PIC/RTC below.  Andrew and I have just gotten a prototype back of a new board (which for lack of a better name I call the “MSDOS” board).

It will contain an 8459A (with 8 bar LED for bus V0-V7 Ints), and Intel 8254 counter with speaker output, an AT style CMOS RTC (DS12887), two sockets for 16 bit ROM’s EPROMS etc. and a 0-8 wait state generator to place wait states in a window anywhere in the S100 bus address space (e.g. VGA RAM area).  I call this board the MSDOS board because it is used to emulate in hardware what later versions of MS-DOS expect to see on an IBM/clones AT style motherboard.


So… the old PIC/RTC, (while it works fine BTW, with our 8086 board and MS-DOS 4.01 “for well-behaved programs”) will essentially be replaced.

Hopefully no bugs will appear in this new hardware. Should be a month or two – so hang in there.




John Monahan Ph.D




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Just curious, why not?

- A different John

Douglas Goodall wrote:

Please make sure I am not on the list for the 8086 board.
For the time being I will not be buying any more of John's
S-100 products.
Should I change my mind in the future, I will let you know.
Douglas Goodall
On Nov 5, 2011, at 10:35 AM, lynchaj wrote:
Hi!  We are at 19 PCBs and I am about to order the boards.
Does anyone else want in before the order goes out?
Please let me know!  Thanks and have a nice day!
Andrew Lynch
On Oct 23, 9:04 am, lynchaj <ly...@yahoo.com> wrote:
Hi!  Good news!  The S-100 8086 CPU board has finally finished!
I am getting ready to make a manufacturing order for the S-100 8086
CPU board.  There have been three prototype boards already that John
has built and tested so I think this board is in good shape.  John
also ported CP/M-86, monitor, and a BIOS among other software.
Since it has been so long I am asking everyone who has signed up for
the S-100 8086 CPU board to reconfirm their request for the board.
There has to be about 20+ boards or so to make the PCB order feasible.
Thanks and have a nice day!
Andrew Lynch