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RE: [N8VEM-S100:5825] FP Mini Group NKK Switch Group - Complete

Group,  we need a big HIP-HIP HURRAY for Don!

I know mailing the right orders out to 24 people is a lot of work.
That's finding the order, filling/counting it & recounting, packaging and boxing, finding the address, labeling, checking the address, going over everything though your mind one last time, then mailing.

My order came together with Matt's (we are practically neighbors, relative to the size of Earth) and it took us a good 15 minutes to sort divide the package evenly, there was even 1 mistake that was caught on the recount!

Don, Thank you again!, and all the best to you and yours over the upcoming Holidays!

Josh Bensadon


Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2014 01:20:13 -0800
From: ilv...@gmail.com
To: n8vem...@googlegroups.com
Subject: [N8VEM-S100:5825] FP Mini Group NKK Switch Group - Complete

Attention FP Mini builders

All switch orders have been shipped today. I apologize for the
delay in shipping. Year end crunch at the office and labor
involved in putting these shipments together got the best of me.

I had nearly 1000 switches to sort through, count, recount, and
package. I did my best to get orders correct. If you find extra
switches or are missing some please let me know. I have a nagging
fear a couple could have got mixed up. Joe got Sam's order and

If you've been watching the Wiki, I do regret that the RUN and HALT
LED's got swapped. You have two choices here. Change the silkscreen,
or wait for a fix. I attempted some jump and cut and borked my
board. Luckly I was able to restore and got it operational again. I do have
a fix that does not require cuts and jumpers. It's a bit cheesy so I'm
reluctant to share at this point. Basicaly involves placing tape over the
component holes and using the long LED leads to reach the proper holes.

I am planning on a V2 board. It will have the LED fix, all jumpers moved
to a dip switch on top of the board and line drivers for the S100 bus signals
which should allow the board to run better at higher speeds. It's going to be
tricky finding real estate for the extra components, but I'm up for the

Thank you all for supporting this project.

Here is a list of folks who were shipped switches. If you ordered some and
your name is not on the list please contact me.

Josh Bensadon
Richard Cini
Fabio Battaglia
John Monahan
Leonard Young
Pete Plank    
Leon Byles
Robert Greenstreet
Nik Brisevac
Jack Rubin
Edward Snider
James Cobb
Andrew Kwan
Neil Breeden
Matt Turner
Malcolm Macleod
Kenneth Robbins
Andrew Bingham
Richard Bromagem
Todd Goodman
Paul Birkel
Gary Kaufman
Gregory Beat
Ian McLaughlin

Don Caprio

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