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Re: RFC - S100 Bus Test Point PCB

Hi Don,

can you put me down for two please,


David Fry

On Thursday, January 29, 2015 at 7:44:03 AM UTC, Don Caprio wrote:

When I'm doing testing on S-100 boards in my bus extender card
I find it difficult to find pins especially on the back of the board.
Tried various methods mostly using labels and hand writing bus
pin definitions on the limited space. Have you ever wished there
was a better way? Me too.

Maybe there is a better way. Perhaps there's a better mouse trap
but I came up with this simple PCB design that you can mount in
a bus extender card to make life a little easier.

Curious if any of you would find this useful. Might be a bit of an overkill
since were really only interested in a handful of bus signals, but I tried
to cover all the bases. Some of the more sophisticated boards are making
use of more signals and expanded bus addressing.

I'll be ordering a limited quantity for myself and would be happy to
include others. The board would be about $3.50 with qty 25 pricing,
$2.00 qty 50 (2 for price of 1).

Thanks for your feedback.

Don Caprio