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Re: lessons learned building an SMB board set

On Monday, June 9, 2014 9:01:05 AM UTC-5, Edward Snider wrote:
Note to self: Triple check Til311's before powering up...

Install one at a time (assuming sockets)...  They're simple devices with simple "interface", so no problem.

They don't really have an inherent obvious "up" to them do they other than looking at pix of installed ones.  MMICs are also like that, they all have a "dot" on the input, right?  LOL no at least one family has the dot on the output lead.  And tantalum caps are like that too, I have personally held in my hand tantalum caps where some mfgrs have a mark on the positive lead and some mfgrs have a mark on the negative lead, need to check the data sheet every time, I hate tantalums.  You can just install half one way and half the other and later replace the half that explode (just kidding?)

And when I was a lot younger I thought all TO-220 linear voltage regulators would logically be designed to have the same pinout, after all, the entire 78xx line is pin compatible so every other reg ever made surely would be pin compatible, just makes sense right?

Going back a couple years, I also found out the hard way in transistor substitution books (remember those?) that being electrically compatible or even electrically identical doesn't mean the same package pinout, even if its the same TO-92 package style.  That one was a real head scratcher back in the pre-internet days.