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Re: [N8VEM-S100:729] S-100 board PCBs waiting list

The CompuPro 85/88 boards fill this need, but I'm not sure how plentiful they are (I had no problem getting mine off eBay).

Of more use to me would be a 68008 board.

My two cents.
- John S.

John Monahan wrote:

Hi Everybody, I’m thinking of doing an 8088 CPU board as a stepping stone for people going from a Z80 to 8086 board. They have 90% the same circuit but of course would work with “old RAM/ROM boards/ports” and make it easier for people to make the transition into the 16 bit world. Clearly to switch over to 8086 you would later need the 8086 board, and 8086 CPU (and 16 bit RAM), that’s about it. You could use all the other 8088 board chips.


Would there be an interest?





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