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Re: FP Mini Builders


Is there some easy way to download the BOM as an Excel or CSV file?
Thanks for all your work on this project!



On Wednesday, October 1, 2014 10:00:07 PM UTC-5, Don Caprio wrote:
Attention FP Mini Builders,

I was planning on getting the N8VEM Wiki updated with more details on the
FP Mini project. The page is up there and has some details. Mainly the BOM.
I have the workings of a user guide with build instructions and what the
are used for. I have to admit that getting the boards shipped and
assembling the
parts  kits have consumed all my free time.

I encourage you to please contribute to the Wiki. I'm pretty sure there
are going
to be questions on how to make it work in all the diverse 8080/Z80 systems.
Please keep in mind this is not an IEEE-696 compliant board. Some of the
will help with that compatibility but your mileage may/will vary.

I'm no expert on S-100 systems. I'll do my best to answer questions but
your best
bet is going to be to post to this group and use the collective wisdom
of us all.

I've assembled my board with all the components that were/are shipped in
the kits so
I have the same experience as the kit builders. I'm hoping this
validates the parts
list and shakes out any trouble/discrepancies. Granted most of you are
still waiting
on switches so wont be able to complete or test the board.

One modification I wanted to do was the 'Slow Step'. On the IMSAI CPA
the single
step switch operates the same in the up or down position. Slow step mod
the 'up' position of single step to be a slow step. This mod will
require cuts and jumpers
to the board. If there is a volunteer thats interested in documenting
the PCB board
mods that would be great. These mods should be done before starting the
build. I'll
be posting the documentation for this mod on the wiki.

Thank you.


Don Caprio