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Re: [N8VEM-S100:5714] need an EPROM Programmer

Harold -

Like Josh, I have a few programmers including some of the older parallel port and ISA bus Needham's units that work very well.

I also have the TL866A and use it frequently.  It seems to be marketed to the Automotive market. 
Although it lists 2716's the VPP seems to only go up to 21v, so I wouldn't trust it for those.  I've used it for 2732's thru 27512's and it works nicely.

For the cost it's well made.  Software is so-so.  The CHIP identification is occasionally flawed (can be over-ridden), and many chips seem to default to a 12.5v VPP which needs to be corrected.  It does program PAL/GAL's, and will test common SRAM/DRAM/TTL/CMOS types.

- Gary

On 11/30/2014 11:19 AM, Crusty OMO wrote:
Hi Harold,

I have a few programmers, including the TL866CS. 

For $42 delivered, you can't go wrong.
See item 180926954184

I don't use it for my 27xx devices, but if you like, I can test mine for you.

I have used mine to program some PIC's and EEPROMs, no problems.