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hello all! newbie here with some questions about 8088, either s-100 or xi8088!

I have a fluke 9020a troubleshooter with a 8088 pod and I am looking for a 8088 sbc or minimal system to do some testing with the fluke, in prep for doing some arcade pcb repairs etc.
I happened on the n8vem site whilst researching diy sbc's and the 8088 s10  board looked like a possible candidate.
Could this board be run as a standalone SBC ? without the s100 bus ?
or is there an alternative 8088 s100 pcb that could ?

also is the xi8088 covered in this group too ? (I have seen some references to it here)
the xi8088 looks like I could populate the minimum required components to achieve a simple 8088 sbc and I am wondering if there are any pcbs still available ?

apologies for the dumb questions :)

oh, and along the s100 lines, when I was studying CAd/CAM I was using a machine that iirc was a multi pcb system with turbo dos os (multi user system) that was used to do data transfers between the McDonald douglas unix machines (the drafting machines) and the CAM controllers.  does anyone remember such a system ?  after reading up on this site, I now realise it must have been an s100 system of some sort and it was relatively ancient (and always crashing too).

cheers, Andy