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S100 Power Cabling


I have been attempting to design a chassis to hold the 2 separate switching power supplies necessary to provide the 8VDC and 16VDC that S100 needs, and I have mostly finished my design.  The one issue that I have had is that, since I want the power supply enclosure to be separate from the card enclosure, I need a cable that can connect the two that can handle the 20A that the 8VDC line can supply.  The cable, itself, isn't much problem, as common household 12 gauge wiring is specced for that amperage.  However, the connector is an issue.  The number of connectors that are specced for 12 gauge wire, and 20A operation, are low, and expensive.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a 4-pin (+8VDC,+16VDC,-16VDC,ground) connector that can carry 20A, preferably panel mount?  I have found a few at DigiKey, but they are either unavailable, or frighteningly expensive.

- Alex