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RE: [N8VEM: 16231] N8VEM PCB cats and dogs



There is nothing sadder than forlorn PCBs sitting on the shelf waiting for their builder to come along. 


Almost as sad as those cute puppies at the dog pound…


Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch


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Don't be the cat lady.  Don't be the cat lady.... It's a sad sight.



On October 3, 2013 at 12:53 PM Andrew Lynch <lyn...@yahoo.com> wrote:

Hi!  I have a few remaining "cats and dogs" PCBs looking for a good home.  If anyone is looking for the following:


1 ECB ColorVDU (last one!)


2 ECB 6x0x host processor (2 left)


1 ECB MSX cartridge reader (1 left, probably will get some more interest now that N8 PCBs are available)


2 ECB SCG (2 left) (Sound, Sprites, and Color Graphics for TMS9918 video and AY-3-8910 sound)


1 ECB bus extender (1 left) very handy for those with an ECB card cage


3 ECB Cassette interface (3 left!) Kansas City Standard -- read those old data cassette tapes before they crumble to dust! 


1 S-100 Parallel IO (1 left!)


These are all good boards to build.  It would be nice to move some of these which have been sitting here on a shelf all sad and lonesome. They'd like to find a new home on some builders workbench!


Thanks and have a nice day!


Andrew Lynch



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