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RE: [N8VEM-S100:5525] Re: Fw: S-100 PC Keyboard Converter Board

Okay, so does your response mean that there are no boards available?

I looked at the propeller board, but it seemed like I would have to learn propeller programming, whereas any tweaks on the PC Keyboard converter would be Z80, which I am already a master of.

I never gave a thought to using Arduino, but I’ll see what turns up.  All I need is to plug any AT keyboard (and I have lots lying around) into a box, and get parallel ASCII out.

Thanks for the tip.


Bob Bell



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The keyboard converter PCB is a very nice board, but the encoding doesn't work well with the "later" 102/AT style keyboards.

The Propeller board does a better job with a PC/AT Keyboard.  Also the MSDOS support board has keyboard input.

There are also lots of boards to adapt a PC/AT keyboard to a parallel output sold for the Arduino market.  Searching Ebay for arduino and keyboard will turn up lots in the $4-5 range.  I don't know how good they are, but it's worth a try.

- Gary

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Any news of when there might be some more of these bare boards available in the future?

I have been hoping to find one as soon as possible, as my 35 year old parallel keyboard is beginning to have problems.




Bob Bell



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