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RE: [N8VEM-S100:6293] Re: An updated (V3) version of our Dual IDE/CF card S100 bus board

Hi Philippe, I assume you are talking about our Z80 CPU board.  I run my two Z80 boards with this IDE board at 10 MHz (+2 IO wait states) all the time. However I’m using a NEC and OKI 82C55-2 . The CMOS versions are much faster.  Suggest you try that one




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Hi John, great idea ! My apologies if it's a bit off topic but as one of the purposes of this new board is to work with high speed bus, I couldn't resist asking this question : my IDE board  V2a works fine at 8 Mhz but hangs randomly at 10 MHz. I consider replacing the IC's, at least the buffers and decoding circuitry by F chips, but as my 8255 is a 8255A-5, probably not the fastest of the family, this may not be the right solution. what do you think ?


I'd like to get my system running reliably at 10MHz, to prepare it for the jump to 16-bit (I will build the 8086 board during the week-end :) 



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