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Re: [N8VEM-S100:3926] Re: Power distribution across an S100 Board and voltage issues with TO-3 Regulators..


   Another thought; is it just this one board with the issue or do multiple boards have it? It might a manufacturing issue with one board such as a bad via or plate through,

   Note that the thickness of the copper is set by the PCB stock used to manufacture the boards, asking for heavier copper will add cost; you specify this when you order the boards; I don't believe you can ask for thicker copper on selected traces.

   I would think what needs to be done is the design of the board needs to have the width defined a little wider for the power bus traces; these are already wider on the boards when I examine the actual boards so I'm assuming it's a setting in the design software. I would guess this is defines in the design rules.

   Andrew may know better so hopefully he can weigh in.