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RE: [N8VEM-S100:6527] The S100 Bus XVGA video board has arrived.

Looking at the last 9 emails this morning, it appears that all the extras are used up. If that's the case, I can give up one of my boards for Fabio to get on the list. I usually order an extra board anyway, and no point shipping it to Canada so that I can ship to Italy.
Matt Turner

Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2015 17:33:59 -0700
From: mon...@vitasoft.org
To: n8vem...@googlegroups.com
Subject: [N8VEM-S100:6527] The S100 Bus XVGA video board has arrived.

I'm delighted to report our S100  XVGA video board arrived back from PCBcart (China).   I assembled one and find that it is working as best I can tell with no problems.   I have written up a report that can be seen here:-
The build is fairly simple and can be found at the bottom of the page.   There are four 22V10 GAL’s on this board. The GAL source code and .JED files are supplied as well. Programming these GALs requires a ROM/GAL programmer. I recommend the Wellon VP290.  If people don’t have or want one, I will “burn” their GAL’s for them. However I really recommend you get a GAL burner. Most of the future S100 boards in the works use one or two GAL’s.
Remember currently this board will only work with our 8 bit 8088 CPU board.  I’m hoping I can also get it to work with an 80486 board and possibly a V2 version of our 80386.  It will not work with the current versions of the 8086 or 80286 boards.  The 8088 is currently running with its onboard clock at 24MHz (8 MH bus PHI signal). 
Here is the list I am working from:-

Peter Cole 1 VGA   (+ 1 VDP)
Andrew Bingham 1
Robert Greenstreet 1
Brian Marstella 1
David Fry 2
Elsid 1
Matthew Turner 2
Todd Goodman 3
Gary Kaufman 2
Paul Birkel 1
David Fry 3
nbreeden 1
Jedi Master 1
Any errors omissions please let me know.  I will ship out hopefully Monday. Cost will be $15 per board + shipping.  When you receive your board, look at the postage charge, and PayPal me the total amount. 

I have only 2 board left, if anybody did not make the list.


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