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20-bit (or 24-bit) address version of Bus Monitor?


I'm starting the process of building up an ECB system.  I'm planning to use my Zeta with the Zeta-2-ECB board to start with, and then one of John's Mark IV Z180 boards when they are debugged, and maybe branch out into the SBC-188 as well.

I picked up on of the 505-6508 PLC chassis to build in, and I was looking at making a nice front panel using the Bus Monitor PCB.  However I realized that the SBC-188, mini-68000, and 4MEM boards use (at least) 4 additional address lines to address up to a full 1 Mb....  From reading the wiki and the history of the N8VEM project it seems like the Bus Monitor was one of the first PCBs completed, before the decision was made to extend addressing to these extra lines.

Are there any thoughts on updating the Bus Monitor to support 20-bit (or even 24-bit, if the pins are there) addresses for use with the currently available boards?  From a circuit perspective I can see that it would be simple to do...