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Re: [N8VEM-S100:5278] TIL311 displays for S100-IDE board

Ian -

Those are horrid, except for testing, I wouldn't use them at all.

You'd do a service to the list if you posted the seller so we can also avoid!

I'd suggest you don't post negative feedback on ebay until the seller makes good. Once you post feedback the seller has far less incentive to settle. I've also found that sellers try and pressure you to resolve the case immediately - tell them that if they post a refund you can resolve the case, otherwise you'll need to receive your replacement parts first.

I purchased 10pc TIL311 from Adeleparts2010, they were obviously used and a few were damaged. Like yours, there weren't like the posted picture.

A second batch from hkjtsource were fresh, clean stock and well packed - highly recommended source.

- Gary

On 9/29/2014 4:15 PM, Ian McLaughlin wrote:
Hello all,

I'm in the millde of building the S100-IDE board to drop in to my NorthStar Horizon.  The final pieces showed up today, but there's a bit of a problem, and wondering if anyone else has seen this?

I acquired 10 TIL311 displays from an eBay seller but when they arrived, they have an obvious gouge on the display surface that has been filled in with a black marker.  All 10 of them.  To me it looks like factory seconds that were marked with a gouge.

Here's a picture:


Has anyone else seen these displays like this?  I've filed a dispute with the seller because they are nothing like the condition of the picture in the auction.  I'll give them a go, but esthetically they're terrible.

Any suggestions on an inexpensive source for these displays in non-gouged-and-filled-in state?