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Re: Interest in an S100 backplane order?

On Friday, 27 December 2013 08:51:40 UTC-5, Fabio Battaglia  wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> I'm new to the group and to homebrew computer building: only recently I ordered a few ECB boards from Andrew and built my own SBV V2 + DiskIO CP/M computer.
> I decided to steer away from S100 based computers because of the cost of complete backplanes or the 100 pin connectors to build them. This until recently...
> While cleaning one of my messy storage rooms (where me and my father accumulated components and devices recovered during tens of years) I found some 100 pin connectors perfect for building my own backplane (not to mention a box of Z80 CPUs and other processors, between the other things).
> As the S100 backplane is out of stock, Andrew told me to check this group for interest in a re-order. The threshold for production is ~20.
> I'd get one, or even two, so I can start building my own Z80 (or 286, I'll probably fetch both boards) based S100 computer! Anyone else is interested?
> Have a nice day, everyone!
> Fabio

Hi Fabio
I Would like a backplane board also. infact 2
Deos anyone know if the 8 Slot is the only option now.
I thought i saw or read about an 18 slot board on s100 computers.com.
I hope we can get enough orders to justify another batch.
Im just getting started on an s100 computer so i would be interested in just about any board at this point. Especially the dual cf card / hard disk ide board

       Doug Wood