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RE: [N8VEM-S100:3293] Logic Analyzer

I just got the Saleae 16 channel analyzer.   Much better than the 8 channel one.  Now if you reduce the number of channels you can go up on the speed. With 3 channels you can the clock to 50mHZ.  There coming out with an analogue+digital one next month I seem to remember.  However as Don says not cheap.  Still a problem with getting a printout of the data BTW.


On the one below Don, I don’t see the pin connectors.  Make sure they are included as these are specialized for that socket.




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I've seen these inexpensive 8 channel logic analyzer's on eBay
(Chinese Saleae knock off no doubt). While I hate supporting
unauthorized Chinese rip off it's tempting due to the low cost (~ $15).
Does anyone know anything about these? They say to download software
direct from Saleae site. Are they unauthorized clones?



Don Caprio

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