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Re: NKK Group Switch Order - Round number two

I'm late on the band wagon for this project.

Does this switch order include the colored
paddle's ?

If so, I want a set.


On Thursday, February 5, 2015 at 10:59:27 AM UTC-6, Don Caprio wrote:
I know that many of you probably have not got around to building
your FPMini front panel board yet but wanted to toss this out to
gage interest.

Our last NKK switch order was a hit. I've since ran out and am getting
request for more. Yesterday I checked with NKK and learned that there
are very few in stock. Barley enough to complete five sets.

I'm considering placing another group order. This order, like the last
will take 10-12 weeks. I'm doubtful we will have such a large order
again so the prices will not be as good.

If your interested in any more sets please let me know. I won't need to
collect funds until they are shipped which would be in June.

Thank you.

Don Caprio