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Re: [N8VEM-S100:344] S-100 Vido board with 6845

Hi John,

Interesting!  The 800 lb. gorilla in the room that everybody *tries* to ignore seems to be S100 video (80x24 or 25, that is).

Perhaps there is another option besides the 6845?  Intel came out with a similar controller about the same time as Motorola introduced the 6845 - the i8275.  It has similar capabilities, I think.  There was a fellow (in Illinois, I believe) who sold a S-100 card, based on the i8275, back in the mid-80's.  The big(?) selling point was that it produced VGA video (at a time when the whole microcumputer world was moving toward IBM and MS-Doze).  I think I have one here somewhere, and maybe even a schematic and documentation?  Might take me a while to find it, however (*grin*).  I have NO idea about the availability of the i8275 anymore.  It was a 40-pin DIP.

As far as the 6845 goes, the only video circuit I ever saw was one published in "Byte", in the Ciarcia column?  Am I dreaming this?  Anybody else confirm?  Considering the source, it was most certainly NOT S-100.  *shrug*  Oh, and maybe there was another that came out in the "CRT Controller Handbook"?  Again, probably NOT S-100.   I'll have to look.

Love to hear peoples' thoughts about S-100 video.