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6502 Monitor with XModem support

Hello everyone,
the last few were busy days for me: I finished my EPROM/RAM board and found out I had all the components I needed to complete a Serial IO card, so I worked non stop until I got my system outputting characters to my laptop via null modem cable.

Done that, I decided to put some effort in preparing a ground for my coding. First required component was a quick way to upload my code directly into the computer memory. I decided for XModem, as there is already a known & tested 65C02 implementation here: http://6502.org/source/io/xmodem/xmodem-receive.txt

I adapted that code to John's monitor and got a working upload (at least, all the example data patterns I prepared transferred correctly). Mind you, this XModem protocol wants a file in o64 format. Details on the previous link. Keep in mind this is one of my first efforts with 65C02 asm... be gentle ;-)

I'm attaching my modified monitor source, and a few photos, just for the show (and sorry for the crappy quality)!


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