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RE: [N8VEM-S100:3477] S-100 boards in work - uPD7220



I think for prototype boards, www.33each.com makes sense since during build and test you really don’t want to get interference from a so-so PCB.  The extra cost and quality help the debugging process.


However for production boards where the design is already proven and robust then it can tolerate a lower quality PCB that is more economical from www.pcbcart.com .  That’s my reasoning.


Sometimes it works to get the prototypes from www.pcbcart.com if you need enough of them like 10 or more.  That’s sort of an unusual case where you get the benefits of multiple prototype boards and it outweighs the risks of the occasional dodgy board.


Don’t get me wrong, www.PCBcart.com makes a decent PCB but they are not really comparable quality-wise to a custom prototype PCB shop like 4PCB (aka www.33each.com )


99+% of the time either will produce a perfectly fine quality board.  For production PCBs though you generally are not going to need the top end quality and extra cost of 4PCB.


Since we use 2 layer PCBs with large features and wide clearances it really doesn’t make much difference.  Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch


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Andrew said:

The www.PCBcart.com PCBs are OK quality but not even close to the professional prototype board quality from www.33each.com.  


I got quotes from a number of manufactures; they were from $140 a board to under $20 with www.PCBCart.com being the cheapest overall.


We all want quality boards, keeping the price around $20 for orders of 20 boards seems like a decent price point. 


It seems like having a recommended manufacturer would be helpful?


Who then should we be ordering prototype boards from? How about final production boards?



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