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Re: [N8VEM-S100:4053] lessons learned building an SMB board set


Good tips!


* curt mayer <cu...@zen-room.org> [140609 05:12]:
> 1) don't plug in til311's upside down.  it destroys them.  there's a 40 
> dollar error.
> 2) momentary switches come in at least two flavors: normally open and 
> normally closed.  using the wrong kind (momemtary open) on your reset and 
> slave clear switches keeps your machine in reset.
> 3) check your caps before you put them in.  i ended up desoldering two of 
> them.
> 4) for a timer, if you don't have the right value cap, use what you got and 
> scale the resistor accordingly to give the same product.
> 5) the 555's don't have numbers on the silk screen, so you need to follow 
> traces from known resistor names.
> 6) there aint nothing like an oscilloscope to debug timers.
> 7) solder 2 opposite corners of each socket, and then, while pushing on the 
> socket, reheat the pins.  'Click' means that there was daylight under the 
> socket.
> 7) reheat all your solder joints after putting them all in; makes those 
> monster ground connections a bit less ugly,
> all in all, pretty smooth.
> --curt
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