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Re: [N8VEM-S100:1544] An 80386 CPU and RAM board for tthe S-100 Bus


I'd like three of each board.



* monahanz <mon...@vitasoft.org> [130415 22:52]:
> I would like to mention that Andrew Lynch and I have just completed work on 
> the final prototype (V4!) of a new 80386 Master/Slave CPU S-100 bus board. 
> This board is capable of reaching up to36MHz for its clock input when used 
> with RAM on its daughter board (see below).  
> For those that have been following progress this has been a long project.  It 
> utilizes the 16 bit mode of the 80386 to address up to the 16MG of RAM the 
> S-100 bus is capable of addressing. A second daughter board system with two 
> overhead ribbon cable connectors is utilized to allow 32 bit addressing to 
> one or more RAM boards. This "32-Bit S-100 Overhead Bus" as I call it, 
> allows the CPU to run at its maximum speed (no wait states) and with the 
> current static RAM chips in pipeline mode.  The current daughter RAM board 
> utilizes 16MG of static RAM. The plan is to next add high capacity DRAM 
> boards. 
> It turned out that the 80386 splices very nicely into the S-100 bus. The 
> CPU control signals are clean and tolerant.  In fact the interface is 
> simplifier than our earlier 8086 and 80286 boards. No bus controller or 
> clock generator chips for example are needed.
> The real fun in working with this chip is now one can take advantage of the 
> 32 bit programming mode of the 80386 and its vast memory addressing 
> capability.  It took some time to understand how to switch the CPU into 
> ?protected mode? and I have written this up to make it easier who may like 
> to start into this world for the first time. 
> For those with S100 systems that would like to get into 32 bit system 
> hardware and software this board may be a great place to start.  In the 
> next few weeks we will be sending an order in for a production run of both 
> bare boards.   In all lightly-hood this will be a onetime batch/order, so 
> if you think you would like to play around with a board like this in the 
> future, now is the time to order a board.  Also I should point out, this 
> board is fairly sophisticated, I would not recommend it for people starting 
> off with S100 boards. They should ?cut their teeth? on say the 8088 CPU 
> board first.
> For more information about both boards please see here:-
> http://s100computers.com/My%20System%20Pages/80386%20Board/80386%20CPU%20Board.htm
> For information about 80386 Monitor software please see here:-
> http://s100computers.com/Software%20Folder/80386%20Monitor/80386%20Monitor.htm
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