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Re: [N8VEM-S100:6657] propeller console IO keyboard problem?

I have ver 1.0 of the prop and my 'CAPS LOCK' works fine.

I am booting to Northstar DOS/BASIC from floppy.  The only
thing I noticed is Northstar won't recognize commands in
lower case.  Also, when I hit 'CAPS LOCK' the system echos
a 'carrot' [ ^ ] to the screen.  

This could just be a fluke in N* OS.

My CP/M system is down as I'm building ver 2.0 of the
prop.  I should have the prop board done next weekend
and I'll LYK.

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Subject: [N8VEM-S100:6657] propeller console IO keyboard problem?

Hi everyone, 

I am using the propeller driven consoleIO along with the AT style keyboard. I noticed that the 'CAPS LOCK' key doesn't seem to work - at least I don't get upper case like I should. Before I blame the keyboard I was wondering if anyone could check on their system to see if they have problems with the same key. I haven't checked the keyboard.spin program yet to see if that key is not being decoded. 

Any feedback? 


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