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Re: [N8VEM-S100:6385] Re: IMSAI 8080A CPU board help.


I'm now using a comm port on the CPU board (w/HyperTerm & WinXP) & (The Console I/O) on the other. 
They echo/mirror each other for key press & screen, but it still won't respond to anything but < R > 
for the Ram test that fails @042A


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Todd, The firmware outputs to both the 8250 UART port 0 on board (I/O 20h) and to the Console I/O board at I/O 00h. 
It will also accept any input from either console. If you connect them both, then you'll see a duplicate. 
I was thinking of writing a seek and employee routine that would send messages to a range of I/O address and scan them all for a response ie, "Press <CR> to continue", but the variations were endless and such programming would take too much time. So I just hard coded support for the CONSOLE IO to the routines that already work with the on board uart. 

Cheers, Josh