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Re: [N8VEM-S100:2594] A new (V2) version of the S100 Bus System Support Board

I'd like one set.


On 3/1/2014 8:36 PM, monahanz wrote:
Again back over 2 years ago Andrew and I put together an S100 bus
“System Support Board”.  This board was designed to allow one to analyze
many of the hardware signals on the bus by “single stepping” the CPU,
setting hardware breakpoints etc.It worked in the busses 16B address
space with 8 and 16 bit CPU’s.

Like the MSDOS Support board, it has proven to be very popular and
reliable.  Many boards were already made and distributed to users.  We
decided to add a few small changes to the board to improve its
functionality. We are calling this board the*“*V2 – System Support
Board*”*.  The changes include:-