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looking for an S-100 expert builder to build and test prototype board


There is an S-100 board project that is ready for prototype build and
test but the project is "stuck in the mud" due to availability issues
(aka "real life") of the original design team.

Is there anyone who would like to take on a build and test of a rather
ambitious S-100 board?  The project I am referring to is the S-100 VDP
which is a video board based on the V9938/V9958 video display

This board has potential for greatly improved color graphics, 80
column text, etc using the latest of the VDPs which descended from the
original TMS9918.

I have a design schematic and PCB layout which is ready for prototype
build and test.  However it will stay on the "black board" until some
builder can make it a reality.

The design could even be extended to include audio (AY-3-8910 or
similar) once we get the video section working.  This would provide a
measure of MSX compatibility for the S-100 bus systems.  There is
quite a bit of stuff we can export from the N8VEM N8 "all in one"
project to this board to accelerate an improved design.

This board is deceptively simple looking but is not for the feint of
heart.  Video boards never are...

Anyone interested?  Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch