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Re: S-100-16M-SRAM-MEZZ-V6c Board - Status --- OK

Good to know they checked out.  Not quite sure if I am ready to solder those yet, until I "need" them to go with the 386 board.

A question John - is it possible to tell the 386 board to go access ALL it's RAM on the Mezzanine/over-the-top-cable cards, so it stays in the "fast"  mode vs having the first bit of RAM on the S-100 bus?


On Tuesday, July 22, 2014 6:09:44 PM UTC-7, monahanz wrote:

Todd just a quick note to let you know the  V06c version of the mezzanine boards checked out fine on the 16MG S100 RAM board.   I hammered them fairly good with the 80386 board, they did fine.


Soldering the chips on to the board is quite tricky.  I found it best to aligen one corner, then orientate the chip and do the diagonally opposite corner, then run the salder tip along the pins. With a wet tip there is enough solder on the pins and the board for contact.  However I had one chip where the pin did not make contact, took me a while to locate it.  These boards are definatly not for anybody with shakey hands


Will next do the 32MB 80386 board, but for now I feel confident sending them out to all 16MB board users.

Thanks Andrew and Dave for all your help on these.