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Shugart 850/851 jumper settings

I'm trying to get a pair of Shugart DSDD 850 and 851 drives working.

I have a pair of Qume trak 842 that I used back in the day. They're still running nicely except an intermittent mechanical door release. They're running on a CompuPro Disk1a and I've also run them (recently) on a California Computer Systems (CCS) 2422 disk controller.

I'm trying to bring up the Shugarts as a second system.

I've configured them per documentation from CompuPro and CCS, they appear close but no cigar. They head select and seek track 0. I believe I can hear them step too. At any rate perhaps real world configuration differs slightly from disk controller documentation. I'd sure like to hear from folks that have running SA850s and/or SA851s. A nice high res image would be great too. There are a few different board revisions so the more the merrier.

Thanks, - jeffa