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Re: Simple GAL programmer for GAL22V10

Just an update,

4 PCB's shipped, 4 PCB's spoken for, and 2 PCB's left.


David Fry

On Monday, April 27, 2015 at 6:16:32 PM UTC+1, David Fry wrote:
Hi Everyone,

Whilst recently building up my S100 XVGA board I stumbled upon a problem with programming the Lattice GAL22V10's, my Chinese MiniPro programmer claims to be able to program them but alas it failed to burn any of the GAL22V10B's I had. Interestingly it would program GAL22V10's (without the A,B,C or D suffix) but this left me with a problem as I have about 20 x GAL22V10B's and only 2 x GAL22V10's, internet research seems to suggest that the programming requirements may vary between different GAL suffixes and even different manufacturers of the same part.

In the end I tracked down and old internet webpage for a simple Lattice GAL programmer that programs various Lattice GALs via a PC parallel port. The software is very basic being MSDOS command line stuff but it works for me and gets the job done. So far I have erased and programmed Lattice GAL22V10B's and Lattice GAL16V8D's I cannot vouch for any other GAL models or GAL manufacturers.

More details can be found on the following link.


As a one off I have had a short PCB run done of 10 boards (they actually supplied 12) but unfortunately the PCB house made a small but correctable error in the fabrication of the board (see image GALprogPCB Error.jpg), I have received a full credit for the boards and so I got them for free.

I would like to offer these PCB's for FREE to anyone out there who does not have the facility to program GALS, with the restriction of one board per person and you pay the P+P (shipping) cost which will be UK £3.75p to USA/Canada (1st class airmail) or UK £3.50p to Europe (1st class airmail).

If anyone is interested submit your name to this post and payment can be sorted once the names are in.

I'm happy to upload the KiCad files if someone can tell me which folder to put them in.


David Fry