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Re: [N8VEM-S100:7109] Re: Simple GAL programmer for GAL22V10

Hi Malcolm & Others,

The relevant KiCad files and construction documentation were uploaded to the N8VEM folders a few weeks ago, they are located here:-


The KiCad files themselves are fine and need no corrections,
If you go back to my original post the issue was one of a manufacturer error in the production of the board, the board files themselves look fine in the KiCad gerber viewer.

As for future production/ordering, I placed this KiCad PCB design into the S100 community as my circumstances and limited resources don't permit me to sit on a pile of unsold boards,
I realise that this particular board is a cheap board to produce but I don't want to set a precedent as I have a more complex and expensive board that I have been working on for the last 5 months that I will be announcing in the next day or so and a further S100 board in mind which I am just beginning to investigate. My pocket money is kinda tied up :-)

If anyone is eager for a Simple GAL programmer PCB I still have 2 spares which were originally pledged for but the individuals have since not come forward. I'm happy to let them go under the same
deal (PCB free, you pay the packing and shipping)

Best regards

David Fry

On Friday, May 29, 2015 at 4:54:20 AM UTC+1, Malcolm Macleod wrote:

If someone can send me the KiCAD files and a description of the error or required changes, I can make the changes in the next few days.


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Will Dave or someone do another run of these boards? It seems there is a lot of interest in GAL programming (the IDE board has two, for instance, and newer boards are almost all using them), If someone will fix the KiCad files to eliminate the error and tell me which board house to use I'll make a run myself.

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