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Help offer with S-100 8088 CPU Board

I realize that some people may be a little scared jumping to the 16 bit S-100 world with their systems.   Andrew & I have put together an 8088 CPU board that should make the transition easier.  Externally the hardware is 8 bits so it will splice into an old S-100 system box easier, yet you can run 16 bit (MSDOS etc.) software.  The board should provide a stepping stone to more advanced systems. 


Since situations like this often are a chicken and egg scenario, you need a system to start/debug a system…  I am offering any of the “hard core” users in this group help with this board.


If they build the board as described here:-




and they cannot get the 8086 monitor to sign on I will TRY and fix it for them.   For this I would need some info about their console I/O routines clearly. If they are using the IDE board I could also “burn” their CF card with DOS 4.01.  This (8088) board only, and only this group.


I think Andrew will be taking orders on this board soon.  It will be some time before we do a second batch for this board.





From:  John Monahan Ph.D

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