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Ithaca Audio Z80 board kit UP & Running with custom monitor!

Ok, ok, this is offtopic as the Ithaca Audio is not a N8VEM board, but I got it as a bare board, built and debugged it... so it still somewhat related :-)
I was able to get this board from 1977 up and running in my N8VEM-based system and took the occasion to write my first monitor from scratch, as an exercise.

This board fits a 2708 EPROM by default, or a 2716 after a simple mod (specified in the manual itself), so that is 2kb worth of space for my monitor: i decided for a mix of C (using SDCC) and ASM  and this is the result.  https://github.com/hkzlab/minos-z80-monitor

The monitor is quite simple: all its "features" can be summarized as
* I/O using the N8VEM console I/O, but easy to redirect on a serial console
* Supports READ/WRITE of a single byte from memory
* Supports IN/OUT from a port
* Supports jumping the  execution to an address
* Supports XModem transfer to RAM at 19200bps using the N8VEM serial board/
Enough for a small development system (not that I really needed all this with the fantastic N8VEM Z80 cpu board I have...) and also as an example of a small SDCC project.

Now I really need to read up on bootstrapping CP/M...
I haven't had this fun with an hobby in ages :-)

Bye everyone!

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