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Re: Run of Dual CF-Card/Hard Disk IDE S-100 Boards

Assembled a dual IDE board this evening, and am having an interesting problem.

I'm using 2 Syba IDE-->CF cards with 128mb CF Flash (have also tried some 4mb Kingston types).

If I output directly to ports I can control the hex display and select drive "A" or "B", although the "A" and "B" drive LED's seem reversed.

Using MYIDE.COM it will only initialize if both drives are present, and then I can't select drive "B" from the program.  It will access and format drive "A" just fine.

I've tried swapping 74LS03's out, and changing them to 7403, 74LS38 and 7438 types with no improvement.  I've also swapped out every other chip on the board, and resoldered everything.

Any ideas of where to look?

- Gary